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Puppy Family Application

Thank you for considering a Blossom Hill Greater Swiss Mountain Puppy.  Please complete the application below to be considered for a puppy from an upcoming litter.  Please share any details about yourself, the environment in which the puppy will live and the type of companion you are looking for.

We will use the information you provide, our observations, puppy evaluations and temperament testing to match the right puppy with the most appropriate home. 

It is our goal to offer a well breed companion raised with great care, pride and concern to wonderful families.  If you feel the same we would love to hear from you.

Our companion puppies are $2000.00.  If you are interested in a show prospect please call me for additional information.

Street Address::
State and Zip::
Phone Number::
Email Address::
List all the people in your home and their ages::
Are you expecting any other people/babies?:
If so, how many/who::
Do you have other pets?:
If so, how many and white type?:
What is the occupation of the adults in the household?:
Is someone home during the day?:
If not, how do you plan to handle this?:
Do you have a house, condo, townhouse or apartment?:
If you rent are you allowed to have a large dog?:
Are you prepared a puppy could take many months to housebreak (sometimes over 6 months)?:
Do you intend to use a crate?:
Will this be a house dog?:
Where will this dog stay during the day?:
Where will this dog stay at night?:
Do you have an outside area for this pet?:
Is it fenced? If so, what type?:
Do you understand this dog WILL shed?:
Does anyone in your home have any allergies to dogs?:
Who will be the primary caretaker of this dog?:
What veterinarian will you use?:
Address of the clinic::
Phone number of the clinic::
Address of your emergency clinic::
Have you researched bloat?:
Are you aware of the orthopedic problems that can occur?:
Where will you take training classes?:
What activities do you plan to do with this dog?:
How do you intend to socialize this dog?:
What type of companion are you looking for?:
Do you prefer a male or female (or no preference)?:
Are you interested in a companion dog or show prospect?:
Would you consider a young adult, if available?
Will you agree to spay or neuter if your dog is purchased as a companion animal?:
What experience have you had with large breed dogs?:
How did you become familiar with Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs?
What makes you think a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is the right breed for you?:
Have you had dogs before and what happened to them?:
If you have young children, do you understand that this is a large breed dog that will on occasion knock them down?
Do you understand that any dog, including a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog will require supervision around young children?
Have you met a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog in person?:
Are you aware that this dog will require a LIFE LONG commitment from YOU?:
Please describe your "ideal" puppy/dog:
Anything else you think we should know?:
Were you referred by anyone? If so, who?:
Are you working with any other GSMD breeders or on any other waiting lists?:
Name of the person who completed this application:
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