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Swissies and Children

AKC Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

Swissies With Children And Other Beasts


Swissies can do very well as a family companion and with children.  However safety and common sense should never be disregarded when adding a Swissy to your family.  Big dogs and children should ALWAYS be supervised when together.

If the Swissy has an agenda the toddler or small child is but a minor obstacle.  For instance, the doorbell rings and the toddler is in the path to the door.  I’ll place my bet on the dog.  One toddler hits the floor and one dog arrives at the door promptly as usual to assess the situation.

Just as it is necessary to train your dog to sit, come when called and walk nicely on a leash, it is necessary to teach children how to be respectful of the dog.  Everyone sees those pictures from friends or on Facecbook of that baby or toddler sitting on or hanging on or trying to ride the dog.  However, far fewer people understand canine body language, in almost all of those pictures you will see dogs exhibiting typical signs of discomfort, concern or fear.  So many people think these pictures are cute and comment , Just look how good the dog is with the child”.  To anyone who even has a beginners understanding of canine body language, the picture is the dog equivalent of a frightened child with mouth wide and crying when approached by a strange dog in public.  Children need to be taught how to behave around the dog just as the dog will be taught manners around humans including children.


Swissies can get along well with cats if they have been raised with them from an early age.  Many families who have Blossom Hill Puppies have cats AND harmony among their pets.  If not raised with small animals, cats, rabbits or other small pets, this may be another story.  Some Swissies develop prey drive and will give chase to any small animal.  Just think of dogs chasing squirrels.  This rarely ends well for the prey.  If you want harmony between your Swissy and your small pets, carefully introduce them early.

Large Animals

Swissies can do very well as your barn or farm companion.  Of course, care must be taken to protect your Swissy from large animals until the dog learns to read the animal and stay out of harm’s way.  Again, there is no substitute for your attention and common sense.  Many Swissies have heading instinct and can be useful to move livestock.  With a little training they can be a helping hand.


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